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The Jennifer Keefe Fund

The Jennifer Keefe Fund was founded in Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, by the family of Jennifer Keefe, who passed away from suicide in 2008. Dedicated to broadening awareness of mental health and wellness, the Fund supports and engages artists from around the globe.

Arts and Minds Canada’s Jennifer Keefe Fund currently supports its artist-in-residence program TiltingAIR and programming through Art With Impact.

How do you summarize your love for someone...when really your love for them is a part of everything you do, is a piece of you, pushing you on. A spirit that is now always with us telling us we can, whispering in the wind, through the trees.

—Angelique Reddy-Kahala, a dear friend of Jen’s

In Loving Memory 

Jennifer Sarah Anne Keefe

May 7, 1982 - December 4, 2008

Donate to the Jennifer Keefe Fund

Arts & Minds Canada supports Art With Impact ( and Tilting AIR (Artist in Residence). We are a non-profit organization, not yet registered charity, and therefore we can not provide a tax receipt for donations made below. If you would like a tax receipt please send a note to and we can facilitate for you. Another great way to support us directly is through our Online Shop or by participating in our Art Acquisition opportunities. Thanks you very much for your consideration and support! 

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