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An Arts-based Approach to Mental Health

As with all health issues, early intervention and prevention are the most effective ways
to treat mental health issues and avoid mental illness-related tragedies like self-harm and suicide. But even though mental health resources are available, many people do not reach out for help. 


Together, we are changing that.

Supporting Arts-based Mental Health Education

At 2019’s Contemporary Art Auction,
Arts & Minds Canada raised over $30,000 to support art-based approaches to mental health and wellness education, including for Art With Impact Canada.


Since then, those dollars have directly impacted over 700 hundred students throughout the country at Movies for Mental Health and Our Bodies, Our Minds workshops at 11 colleges and universities in four provinces.

Our Annual Gala and Contemporary Art Auction 

Each year Arts & Minds Canada hosts a Gala and Contemporary Art Auction to draw awareness and raise funds for the causes our organization supports.


Curated by a panel of professional artists, artwork and crafts from local and internationally-known artists are selected and generously donated to our exhibition. Artists who have received a residency through TiltingAIR, our Artist-in-Residence program on Fogo Island, also donate.  

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A complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors contribute to mental illnesses, but they can be treated effectively. If you or someone you know is suffering, talk to someone about it.

Together, we can change these statistics.

1 in 5

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental illness or addiction problem.


Approximately 8% of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives.


Suicide is among the leading causes of death in 15-24 year old Canadians, second only to accidents; 4,000 people die prematurely each year by suicide.


Almost half (49%) of those who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety have never gone to see doctor about this problem.

Additional Resources

Find your local CMHA branch

As a nation-wide, voluntary organization, the Canadian Mental Health Association supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness.

Find services through CAMH

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health provides hope and a path toward recovery from mental illness and substance use for anyone in need.

Information from the Canadian 

Learn about mental health, mental illness and related services in Canada.

Access a National Therapist Database

Includes a comprehensive national therapist database in Canada and the US for therapist listings in most cities.

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