A & M Canada Bandana Spring 2022

A & M Canada Bandana Spring 2022


Arts and Minds Canada has partnered with George Brown College’s IN Store to create a bandana in the spirit of ‘wearing wellness’ and Fogo Island history. Our pure silk bandana is designed with the shape of the white circle on the red stage, a symbol that beckons possibility, bounty, the unknown, an embrace, and ultimately shelter signaling the safe return to ‘home’ after a long journey.

Arts and Minds Canada Bandana honours the historic Fogo Island fishing stages built on the rocky shoreline of the North Atlantic. Painted red with large white circles on the doors, they are seen from afar through fog, storms and twilight. A beacon for fishers in their boats, the white circle guides them back home safe and sound.

Arts & Minds Canada supports mental health initiatives through immersion in the Arts, while pursuing a compassionate vision which broadens the acceptance, recognition, and awareness of mental health throughout Canada.

100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this limited edition bandana goes to Arts and Minds Canada mental health and wellness initiatives.

26" x 26" Silk Charmeuse Bandana | Made in Canada

Product development by Emma Keat and Natalie FrankeBandana illustration by Natalie Franke