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Arts & Minds Canada, in partnership with Tilting Recreation and Cultural Society runs the TiltingAIR program which has supported artists from around the globe, and nurtured the growing arts community on Fogo Island for over a decade.  The residency serves visual artists, writers, and craftspeople, by providing time and space to make their work in the historic fishing community of Tilting on Fogo Island. 

About Tilting AIR 

TiltingAIR consists of two renovated historic homes built over 100 years ago and have studio access for the artists to do their work.  While being immersed in the community of Tilting, the environment is simple and offers seclusion and isolation to do one’s work. Artists are encouraged to engage with the residents of Tilting, absorb its 300-year-old history and explore all of Fogo Island.

​Over the years, our visiting artists have formed long enduring friendships with each other, with the people of Tilting and with the Island itself. Alumni of TiltingAIR return often to the Island on their own to continue their work and rekindle friendships, and the inspiration that originally brought them here.

TiltingAIR submissions are closed for the 2023/2024 seasons. 

Who may apply/

TIltingAIR invites all artists to apply. In the past, we have hosted painters, sculptors, craftspeople, writers, film-makers, and musicians. We use only talent and need as the criteria for selection.


Each artist is expected to engage with the people of Tilting during their stay. Outreach can be in the form of an artist’s talk, open house with a show of work done during your residency, performance, readings, workshops with locals, etc. They are expected to do their share in maintaining the condition of the homes and studios they occupy, as well as its peaceful environment.

Each artist is expected to leave one piece of artwork here on the Island, upon completion of their artist residency. This work becomes a part of The Jennifer Keefe Permanent Art Collection.


Residents are responsible for travel to and from the Island, for their food, and other personal expenses. Most artists provide their own transportation while on the island -- whether through car rental from Newfoundland or by driving their own vehicles.

2019 TiltingAIR Program

In 2019, TiltingAIR hosted ten artists, convening from Peru to California, and all over Canada. The recipients of these coveted residencies gave readings, artist talks, and offered dinners of traditional Fogo Island foods. Arts & Minds Canada thanks alumni of the 2019 program for their time spent working and communing with the people of Tilting, Fogo Island. 

Recipients of residencies for the 2019 program were Mick Huerta, Kerri Schmidt, Brian Nichols, Larry Weyand, Karen Adrienne, Ethan Murphy, Julija ŠukysNed Pratt, Sue Laurita, and Kara Mcintosh.

Our Residency Buildings

Through the ​generous support from The Jennifer Keefe Fund, Arts & Minds Canada directly supports two artist-in-residence homes: the Jennifer Keefe House and Back Kitchen Studio, and the Reardon House — both renovated historic salt-box homes in the 300-year-old fishing community of Tilting on Fogo Island.


Jennifer Keefe House and Back Kitchen Studio

sheep5.28.13 049.JPG

The Reardon House

Jennifer Keefe House Details

Jennifer Keefe House and Back Kitchen Studio

Located in the center of the historic fishing village of Tilting overlooking Tilting Harbour, this renovated, traditional three-bedroom Salt Box is over 120 years old and was built by hand without the use of any power tools or heavy equipment.

Reardon House Details

The Reardon House

 This 150+ year old renovated salt box home is located on the edge of Tilting, and overlooks Sandy Cove, out to the wild North Atlantic. 

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